Valerie Barbeau

Valerie Barbeau’s paintings are high energy creations of beautiful forms, color, and self expression pulled from creative nature.
When I paint, I am transcended into a place outside myself. While painting I feel energy all around me. I apply paint on canvas in a fast pace, but with thoughtful emotions. My paintings are abstracts, landscapes and seascapes. Most include water, either rivers, lakes or ocean.

I have painted since childhood. At the age of 15, I found myself unable to continue in public education and my high school art teacher encouraged me towards going to art school. I attended art school for one year but found that when the school tried to mold me in their vision, I could not comply.

Over my adult years, I took several breaks from painting. My life took different directions, as I wanted to incorporated other life experiences.

For 10 years, I taught art to women in recovery at a residential care facility. I met many women who found their hidden creative abilities, learning to paint and making jewelry.

I am now retired and painting full time but never say never to exploring new adventures.

I hope you enjoy my artwork in your home or place of business as a colorful artistic piece of art where you can sit, relax and let your mind go away from the stress of the day. I hope it take you to a spirit of transitional aspirations.